When you get over-bored… with your cloths!

“It’s about up-cycling. It’s about adding value to an item of clothing through creativity and using our clothing to be inspired to make it into something else. Thinking of clothes in phases, not just ‘This is a pair of jeans and then I have to chuck it because it’s broken,’ but it’s a pair of jeans, and then a jacket, and then a skirt,” -Julia Faye Roebuck


Pernah punya baju tapi udah hampir gak pernah dipake lagi? Mungkin karna terlalu jadul, atau mainstream, atau gak muat? Tapi gak dibuang atau disumbangin karna masih sayang :’3

Atau sebel ngeliat tumpukan baju masih bagus-bagus tapi bosen, pengen beli lagi tapi ga ada duit?

Solusi: diREMAKE aja! diEDIT!

Nih beberapa yang gampang, anti-mainstream, dan wohoo hasilnya 😀

Color Block Pants

Elbow Patch

Ombre Shirt

Fringe Top

Some call it ‘Trashion’, but i’d prefer ‘Sustainable Fashion’ \m/


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